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Nowadays, skinny women are synonymous with beauty, health and sexuality. Men love skinny women because, according to them, they are more difficult to win and look more like women who make porn movies that men watch every day and also because skinny women can do things during sex that others types of women can not.

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Have you ever wondered why the rich men always seem to be with beautiful and skinny women? Or what do these men give full attention and almost break their necks when a skinny and sexy woman pass by them? Yes, there are many men who prefer women who are not thin and think they're perfectly attractive, but the vast majority of men prefer skinny women. Skinny women are everywhere in society: magazines, television, cinema, everything in our society makes us believe that thin women are beautiful and are like goddesses.

Most men watch a huge amount of porn every day and most of the actresses of these films have perfect asses, thin legs and arms, and big breasts. Porn is like an addiction for men and with this in mind, it is not hard to imagine why these men often think that in real life, skinny women are the most beautiful too. They look for women like the women of porn they watch. They look for these beautiful and skinny women so they can show them off to their friends and feel that they envy them, and this gives them a bit of pride and power.

We are not trying to make anyone feel bad here, just show some reasons why some men prefer skinny women. Having a hot, thin woman who you fuck frequently and who you can talk about to your friends, make men have a better self-esteem as well. Many men like to feel they are strong protectors of their girlfriends too, and thus, a thin woman would fit perfectly in his arms bringing a sense of accomplishment. Skinny women tend to have more self-confidence and a better self-esteem and thus they become more difficult to be conquered, which attracts and excites the men who love challenges.

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