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The strong desire to fuck in public is had by many people who even, perhaps, being timid, like to feel they are being observed or feel that someone is masturbating while watching. Several places can serve as a place for a sex full of adrenaline and danger for those people who risk fucking in the most surprising places just to accomplish this desire.

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Since the most timid to the most uninhibited, deep down all people are a little exhibitionist and this applies to sex as well. As they say "the danger is funnier," then it is sure that men and women have a thing for sex in a public place, even if it's a discreet place, the important thing is the danger of arriving someone and being caught as you fuck. Many people have as purpose to find places where they think they could fuck and take the risk of being caught and many of them end up accomplishing this fetish so hot and full of adrenaline.

Deserted streets or streets with less movement are the most common option for people with this kind of fetish. The thought of stopping the car and starting fucking right there in the street taking the risk of arriving someone makes anyone to get excited to the max. However, many other places appear as possible locations for a fuck, for example nightclubs bathrooms, beach at any time and despite the annoyance that the sand can bring, it is one of the common places for exhibitionists, elevators in little busy hours, airplane bathrooms.Constructions or abandoned houses can also be a great adventure full of pleasure, and about sex in the workplace many people get excite as they imagine fucking at the stairs or in the boss's office. Anyway, there are several places to be able to feel the pleasure of having a fuck in public and perhaps be seen or spied.

Public sex is prohibited by law and morality, and perhaps this breaking of rules is what excites so much people who like this kind of sex, as well as the idea that someone is looking and getting excited with the scene. Sometimes it's just a spontaneous decision made by the heat of the moment and that breaks the routine of the couple.

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