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The POV is nothing more than the porn shot in the first person, that is, where the guy holds the camera and he film the entire act. Despite being a practice that came up with the amateur videos, soon this kind of porn became popular and won fans of both sexes, of all ages and places.

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POV lovers love amateur or professional recordings in places out of the ordinary. Beds, bedrooms, sofas are more than normal locations already recorded in this style, but showers, tubs, beach, movies are fetishes of many people who watch or record porn POV because there is little such material due to the difficulties of recording in first person. Many positions are also preferred for this kind of porn because what matters here is to see a woman being fucked, talking, looking at the camera, and not all normal positions in other types of porn work here. A lot of things, however, can ruin a whole POV scene. Most men who enjoy POV hate it when the man of recording speech, or make too loud groans, or say what the woman should do or doesn't shoot properly. They also hate when the guy ends just cumming masturbating looking the woman, filming this way more his own dick than the fuck with her. What pleases men, even more than to see a POV of a guy with a woman, it is a POV of two women having sex. Usually in this kind of POV no man complains of how the recording happens.

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