Logan McCree

If a gay-faced gay already calls enough attention now imagine a gay with a new face and the copro covered with tattoos, there is already temptation, yes my dear I'm talking about Logan McCree, who is also known as Krieger or DjKrieger. He is German and has been working on voice-overs since 2007, being exclusive to Raging Stallion.

Logan was famous after winning the 2004 German Mr. Leather, as well as calling attention to his body covered in sexy tataugens.

Whoever sees Logan today can not even imagine his past in the gay porn industry, today he stays well away from the studio and works as a community firefighter in the Scottish hornets. He left his acting career in 2013, and began to devote himself to massages and a hair salon.

The cat has been working as a firefighter for almost a year and says he wants a heterosexual marriage. "I can only imagine a relationship with a woman," he said. "I think you just feel at home in a place where you have family and I'm working on it.It's hard to find a woman here in the mountains"

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