Jake Bass

Jacke entered the industris porn when he was 19 in 2010, but before that Jacke studied pisicology. He appeared in a solo scene for the pornographic film studio Squirtz, but soon he claims that being a porn actor was not what was in his plans, he loved to shoot several scenes for Videoboys. It was in 2011 that he started working as an exclusive model, owner of the pornographic studio CockyBoys, Jake Jaxson, sought out and made the invitation.

In 2014 he agrees to make his first porn film, Men.com announced that jakce would be part of the cast and would star in the movie Men of Anarchy.

In 2012, he won the Fleshjack Boy contest. The CEO of the Fleshlight Company had to pick only five winners but due to the close relationship between the fifth and sixth place, he had to select six winners, making Jake one of the winners.

Jake Jaxson himself performed Project GoGo Boy, where Bass came in. The filmed was an audience bomb, earning the category of best film, best director and best artists revelation.

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