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Fetishes fill the heads of all of us and make sex more pleasurable. We all have many fetishes, from the most common to the strangest and even if we don't reveal our wildest fetishes we can imagine how much we want the achieving of them.

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If you already had thoughts which just imagining you already get excited willing to fuck and do the craziest things in sex, then you understand very well what is a fetish. Everyone has fetishes and fetishes exist from simple things like lick feet to very extreme things like being asphyxiated. Fetish involves fantasy, involves inanimate objects or specific parts of one's body as a good round ass, big tits, calves or hands. None of us choose the fetishes we have, only we found out and started trying to accomplish them experiencing sensations that have long imagined we would.

To satisfy a fetish which we have for a long time is something sensational. To grab, bite, tie, lick, kiss, wiggle, beat, suck ... All these acts when combined with certain objects, textures and tastes can give much pleasure to people who have many fetishes. The best thing in a fuck is be able to accomplish your fetishes and the fetishes of who you fuck so having a sex full of pleasure and quite shamelessly. The most common fetishes in women include having sex with another woman; fuck black men who have big cocks; bosses; and pegging - fetish in which the woman penetrates the man. For men the biggest fetishes involve leather and latex; high heels; boots; garter belts; uniforms; sex in public places; and sex with two women.

We enjoy our sexuality as no other species and thus, some people have completely bizarre fetishes as enemas, piss, shit, farts, vomit, electric shocks, amputated members, dead people, animals, balloons and many other things that scare most conventional people. Some fetishes have become more common over time and lost a little the taboo that they were, like fetish for piss, but others will take a long time to become common or may never become.

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