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As we grow, we begin to imagine our favorite characters from cartoons, or from fantasy stories, having sex with each other. The cartoon porn accomplish this fetish of many men with stories created from characters known as Bulma, Sakura, Goku, Naruto and many others that we can imagine.

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Since when we are children we watch cartoons on TV, some as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are known as anime, others like Simpsons and Family Guy are called cartoons and there are still the comic books divided into two categories: the comics that are the stories in American style like Batman or Superman, and manga in the Japanese style. The fact is that as we grow and enter adolescence, our sexual desires become so strong that we imagine our favorite characters involved in scenes with lots of sex and debauchery. Characters like Bulma, from Dragon Ball Z, Louis Lanne, the Superman's girlfriend or Mary Jane from Spiderman become part of our sexual fantasies.

With all the anime, cartoons, comics, manga, game franchises and fantasy stories is very understandable that pornography came to them and bring us the realization of our fantasies. We find characters like Goku fucking Bulma, Batman fucking Catwoman or Wonder Woman and even scenes with characters from completely different universes, such as Homer from The Simpsons fucking Misty from Pokémon. The cartoon porn pleases to all men who spent their childhood watching these cartoons, playing video games or reading comic books, precisely because it gives this freedom to imagine many characters having sex or even an orgy - something we will never see on TV or in newsstand.

Cartoon porn bring us the more imaginative sex that we find as we find characters with real huge tits, wet and swollen pussy that are fucked by dicks completely out of proportion, and sometimes even sex between races of different characters. This type of pornography brings everything that we can imagine in traces since the most childish until very good productions in 3D.

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