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The pleasure of having a bisexual sex is something completely different from ordinary sex. Having a relationship with a woman and a man at the same time brings a great wave of different sensations during sex, something completely new and enjoyable at the same time.

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It is undoubtedly that sex brings a whirlwind of sensations and the biggest one is the physical pleasure that ends leading to orgasm. Both men and women can take pleasure in someone of the same sex as the body makes no difference when it comes to physical sensations. The pleasure of cumming has no discrimination if someone is properly excited, that someone will cum and one of the greatest pleasures you can have is a very good sex with both sexes, taking advantage of 100% of that sex has to offer. A man having sex with two bisexual women, or with one more bisexual man, or a woman having sex with two bisexual men is a completely new and delirious experience.

The intimacy and complicity created at the time of fucking makes the act fuller of pleasure, the feeling of something forbidden and different sharpens the senses and makes it more interesting. For women it seems to be easier to accomplish such a fantasy as there is a more acceptable opening so that they are more intimate sexually from one another and can live this attraction or fetish freely, but for men is more complicated, since assuming this feeling can deprive them of relating to women because the women can think they are gay and they also can not talk to male friends for obvious reasons.

Regardless of all this, the fact is that take advantage of both sides and options is to live life to the full. Penetrating a guy while he fucks a woman, or be penetrated while you fuck a woman; see a woman kissing and performing oral on another woman while you fuck her or share a woman, these are all experiences and desires of all men and women who are attracted to both sexes and want to enjoy all forms in such relationship.

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