Anne Midori

The brazilian with the eyes always liked to exhibit elogo with her 13 years began her career as a model, and began in the pornography industry in 2006 with the movie "Stories of a Geisha" by the Brazilian producer, the actress leaves her career in 2012 only 6 years in the pornographic world. Let's say your great success came after facing a movie with Kid Bengal Big Macky inside other well-endowed actors.

Yumi Saito or Anne Midori if you prefer, was the typical college student. A tilted eyelash, beautiful, sexy and cheeky, of course she was already quite popular there, so it would not have been so difficult for a bitchery entrepreneur to find her. Soon she is invited to enter the international market of putaria with her flashy nickname, a Japanese blend with Brazilian, to please her audience in gerla. Over time this same public was abusing this name nauseous and was sending suggestions for a new nickname, hence came Anne Midori, a more Brazilian name.

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