Allen King

Another new Anglican face has been prominent in the gay porn industry, and I'm not talking about Johnny Rapid, Brent Corrigan or Brent Everett, the cat of the time is Allen King.

He owns a thin body of deifinid, a teenage boy's face full of energy to spend. I am falanod of a very charming and friendly Spaniard who has conquered his space in the pornographic films of the gay category, all due to his versatility and determination for the work.

The boy's face is always one of the most beloved of gay, Allen has already been awarded among one of the most important awards of gay porn worldwide, the Hustlaball Award. He took home the category of best actor of 2014 and best passive of the following year.

Allen today has his exclusive signed contract with producer Cocky Boys, in his career has made films with COlby Kleber, Jacks Bass, Gabriel Clark, Rocco Steele, Tim Kruger among diamonds, but he is not satisfied, his list with actors he intends Participate is still great.

Today Allen feels more at ease making films, this because he works along with his boyfriend, nothing more nothing less than Angel Cruz. During an interview he says he feels much better in front of the cameras, it's like being home fucking only full of cameras and several people looking at us.

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